Technical Features

1.Account heads can be created any time for accounting year i.e You can create Account heads in the previous year even after transferring balances to the next year.

2.Reports Data entries option is eliminated.Your Trial balance will always be tallied.

3.Reprts O/S entries option is eliminated.Your Net outstandings will always be accurate & correct.

4.Online real-time integration of data from web portal.

5.CRS data integration with Abacus,Amadeus ,Farelogix Gallieo,Sabre & Worldspan systems.

6.Statistical reports are provided with Graphs for a clearer understanding trends.

7.Most calculation like airlines commissions,Service Tax,TDS,etc are user defined and data specific.

8.Sub-ledger's can be created for any Master account.Opening balance can be updated for each Sub-ledger account and also Bill wise opening amounts can be updated.

9.Currency-wise books of accounts can be maintained.

10.Account posting for every invocicing/credit note can be viwed as a journal Entry.

11.TDS receivable from airline /supplier is posted sub-ledger wisefor every airline/supplier.

12.Updating sales entries automatically updates the purchase entry also including the calculation of service tax liability every entry immediately updates all master balances ,so you can reviews trial balance,profit & loss ,instantly.

13.Create your own series for invoice,Credit Notes,Receipts etc.

14.Automatic creation of New year Directory and transfer of all balances and un-adjusted invoices,credit notes etc.

15.Uniformity in all Data entry Screens so less time spent on training your staff for different modules.

16.CLUB invoicing gives you the option to prepare just on invoicing per client for a day a week.